Afbeelding boot met Sunfilm Perspectief Glasfilm Heumen


  • keeps heat out
  • maintains full visibility
  • easy to operate
  • custom made to fit

Sunfilm roller blinds

In some cases glassfoil is not always the best option because of the definite placement of it. This can cause a reduction of the clearness of the glass in situations where this is not desired. For example in wheelhouses of ships, bridge operating buildings or traffic towers. In that case the sunfilm roller blinds are the perfect solution.

Sunfilm roller blinds make sure you maintain a full view, besides a good heat-resistant effect. While the normal sun blinds are made of fine mesh fabric, the roller blinds are made of high quality foil for a complete and clear visibility. Because the foil is on a rolling system, it is very easy to roll on and off whenever you want.

There are several models, operating modes and conductions possible. We are pleasured to give advice about all the possibilities without obligation and make measurements of the accurate sizes so we can present a fitting offer.

Perspectief Windowfilm likes to think along about which blinds best suits your situation. In order to provide appropriate advice, we would like to hear more about the current situation and what you wish to achieve. Through our professional assembly we certainly achieve the highest possible result. We have years of knowledge and experience to apply the foils professionally and to a high standard.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of sunfilm roller blinds? We are happy to help you with no-obligation advice or a tailor-made offer.

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