• comfortable climate
  • energy¬†cost savings
  • elimination of glare on screens
  • blocks harmful UV radiation

Heat-rejecting film

With our heat-rejecting window film, you can keep your head cool. The air conditioning can be set lower while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

With our specially developed heat-rejecting window film, you can deflect up to 90% of solar heat. As a result, the temperature doesn't rise as high, allowing you to save on energy costs for air conditioning.

Certain heat-rejecting and sun-blocking films, especially reflective or mirrored films, also eliminate unpleasant glare on screens and reduce contrasts in light intensity.

An additional benefit is that heat-rejecting and sun-blocking films have a filter that blocks over 99% of harmful UV radiation. This prevents furniture, paintings, and other displayed materials from fading or discoloration.

Perspectief Glasfilm is happy to assist in determining the best sun-blocking film for your situation. To provide suitable advice, we would like to learn more about your current situation and your desired outcomes. With our professional installation, we guarantee the highest achievable results. We have years of knowledge and experience in applying window films expertly and with high quality.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of heat-rejecting window film? We are ready to provide you with free advice or a customized quote.

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