Afbeelding Privacyfolie Perspectief Glasfilm Heumen


  • total privacy with full transmission of light
  • create your own design
  • possible to add your company logo
  • many colors available

Decorative windowfoil

Do you want to create privacy in a special way on your windows? For example by giving limited view in cases of meeting rooms, shops, hospitals and other buildings where privacy is desired. We can arrange that for you with our wide range of decorative windowfoil. This kind of foil prevents people from seeing through the windows, while it still transmits light.

You can combine the privacy with a decorative function of the windowfoil. We can bring on the foil in all kinds of patterns and cut it to a unique design. You can even have your logo in the decorative foil. This way is local see through is possible and the decorative foil can be exactly matched to your wishes and you will have a nice kind of privacy created.

We have a broad product range of decorative windowfoil, available in many colors. Besides the logo that we can process in the foil, we can also do this with texts in the foil.

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