Afbeelding Privacyfolie Perspectief Glasfilm Heumen


  • total privacy with full transmission of light
  • create your own design
  • possible to add your company logo
  • many colors available

Decorative windowfilm

Does your company need a new look or do you have another creative design idea?

We can apply our film in any shape and color, custom-cut to your own design. You can incorporate your own logo into the decorative film, allowing for localized transparency and tailored window decoration that aligns with your preferences. This way, you can create privacy on your windows in a visually appealing manner.

We offer a wide range of decorative film available in various colors. In addition to incorporating your logo, it is also possible to include text in the film.

With decorative film, you have control and can be guaranteed satisfaction with the final product. We are happy to brainstorm possibilities and find the best way to achieve your vision.

Perspectief Glasfilm is eager to assist you in determining which decorative film suits your situation best. To provide a suitable recommendation, we would like to hear more about your current situation and what you wish to achieve. With our professional installation, we always strive for the highest achievable result. With years of knowledge and experience, we apply the films with expertise and to a high standard.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of decorative film? We are here to provide you with no-obligation advice or a customized quote.

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