• Burglary is significantly delayed
  • Available in multiple thicknesses and types
  • Prevents potential damage and injury
  • Provides a sense of extra security

Burglary-resistant film

With burglary-resistant (or delay) film, you can sleep peacefully every night. The film provides additional protection and ensures that any potential break-in is delayed or impeded.

The burglary-resistant window film ensures that windows are less likely to break, and if they do break, the film holds the shards together, keeping any splinters stuck to the film. This reduces the risk of damage and potential injury in case of window breakage. The film is applied to the inner side of your windows or window panels, making the glass significantly stronger.

Burglary-resistant window film is available in multiple thicknesses and types. There is a solution for every window panel. There are even films available that hold the glass together in the event of a bomb explosion.

Perspectief Glasfilm is eager to assist you in determining which burglary-resistant window film suits your situation best. To provide a suitable recommendation, we would like to hear more about your current situation and what you wish to achieve. With our professional installation, we always strive for the highest achievable result. With years of knowledge and experience, we apply the films with expertise and to a high standard.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of burglary-resistant window film? We are here to provide you with no-obligation advice or a customized quote.

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