• Minimize damage during vandalism
  • You prevent high repair costs
  • The glass itself remains undamaged
  • The film is easily replaceable.

Anti-vandalism film

Vandalism can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the windows of your shop, home, office building, or car will be 100% vandalism-proof. However, we can guarantee minimal damage to the best of our ability.

Protect your windows from scratches caused by keys or knives, annoying graffiti, or corrosive acids. Replacing an entire window is time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, replacing the anti-vandalism film is quick and much more budget-friendly. If vandals have unfortunately targeted your window, that will quickly become a thing of the past with the anti-vandalism film.

The anti-vandalism film ensures that windows are less likely to break, and if they do break, the film holds the shards together, keeping any splinters stuck to the film. This reduces the risk of damage and potential injury in case of window breakage. The film is applied to the inner side of your windows or window panels, instantly making the glass much stronger.

Anti-vandalism film is available in multiple thicknesses and types. There is a solution for every window panel. There are even anti-vandalism films available that hold the glass together in the event of a bomb explosion.

Perspective Windowfilm is dedicated to assisting you in determining which film best suits your needs. In order to provide accurate advice, we would appreciate further information about your current situation and your desired outcome. Our professional installation ensures the attainment of the best possible results. With years of knowledge and experience, we apply the films with expertise and maintain high standards.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of anti-vandalism film, we are delighted to offer you obligation-free advice or a customized quote. We are here to assist you.

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